Hey ! This is Rahul Gurung.

I am student at CGC College of Engineering, Mohali and I am Open Source Enthuisist. I have contributed to LibreOffice.

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About Me

Rahul Gurung

I am currently a sophomore and I upload most of my work to Github. In my free time, I try to design some dance moves too, and I regularly write posts about programming in my blog. I have been greatly influenced by Open Source Culture and currently I am contributing to LibreOffice and have converted various api based unit tests to cpp from java.


Coo: Web Chat App JavaScript Source Code

In this project, I build an online messaging service using Flask,
similar in spirit to Slack. Users will be able to sign into this site
with a display name, create channels (i.e. chatrooms) to communicate in,
as well as see and join existing channels. Once a channel is selected, users
will be able to send and receive messages with one another in real time.

Book Reviews Website Python Source Code

Users are able to register for this website and then log in using their username
and password. Once they login, they can review search, review books and I have also
build a API to access JSON.


Web Developer Intern at Across The Globe
September 2018 - Present

Here at ATG (Across The Globe), My role is to fix various frontend and backend
bugs, Most of the my work is in PHP (Laravel), JavaScript and CSS here.

Volunteer Code Contributor at LibreOffice
August 2018 - Present

In my free time, I contribute to Open Source and LibreOffice is the first big
open source project I contributed to, and its awesome to be part of this
community, a exponential growth is experienced by me here.


Medium Link

Here I write posts on daily basis, which are based on programming,
productivity and other stuff.

Youtube Link

Here I upload videos related to my work, and sometimes dance too.

Get In Touch

Email gurungrahul2@gmail.com

Phone +91 9779951378

Github /gurungrahul2

Address Mohali, India